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chipsaway - we paint the chips - not the car

chipsaway is the world's leading cosmetic automotive repairer. established for over 10 years, chipsaway has a network of more than 500 skilled professionals operating in all parts of europe. repairs carried out with the unique chipsaway system are of the highest quality and preserve the integrity of the car's original paintwork and therefore its value. it is no surprise then, that the chipsaway system is widely used in the motor trade - including premier brands such as mercedes, audi, ferrari, bmw and porsche.

all repairs carry a two year warranty, can be carried out on the day and at a fraction of traditional car repair costs.

typical repairs include:

  • scuffs, scratches and chips to paintwork and bumpers
  • minor dents and bodywork damage
  • interior fascia and seat repairs
  • alloy wheel repairs
  • windscreen chips

special offer

if you have your car repaired at chipsaway airport parking malaga you could be entitled to up to 2 weeks free parking

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