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why use us?

as the airport increases in size, many new companies are looking to break into the long term parking business. so why use us? please allow us to give you just a few very relevant points to consider when choosing with whom to leave your car at the airport:

  1. some companies may offer to meet you at the bp garage and will sell this to you as a benefit?! why hand over your car keys (which are so often attached to your house keys) to a stranger? where is your car being taken? will they be at the end of the telephone when you return in the middle of the night? we have 3 landlines, 2 mobile phones, 2 minibuses and staff on duty 24hrs.
  2. finally, be very wary of any company unable to offer a free minibus service. that is usually an indication that your car is being taken to a remote location. when parking with us, you can inspect our 6,000 sq metre secure compound on arrival, complete with electric gates, guard dogs, 6 cctv cameras and 24 hr security.